About Will 


As Chairman of a multimillion-dollar company, Will Knecht travels the country relating the lessons learned through his hands-on experience in the crucial day-to-day world of leading people. Through his genuine and passionate delivery style, Will weaves together the fascinating, true story about the fire that could have destroyed his business and its people, but instead became a catalyst for new thinking and new opportunities. Earnest and plainspoken, Will shares how setbacks and challenges can become the seeds of future success and greatness and how challenges can lead to surprising transformation.


Will Knecht is the CEO of Wendell August in Grove City, PA, America’s oldest and largest metalcrafter, which produces American made awards, gifts and commemoratives. Two days after receiving its largest order ever, a fire completely leveled his business and destroyed millions of dollars in equipment and materials, their factory, their offices and their flagship store. Instead of ceding to the devastation, the team at Wendell August turned this experience on its head and rather than cede to destruction, they used it to completely transform their company.


Will is as passionate personally as he is professionally. A devoted family man, he is most proud of his three kids: Jared, Cameron and Claire. His outside interests include Bible reading and study, teaching Sunday school, exercising, reading and watching movies. He also has an intense love for any products that are Made in the USA (like those from Wendell August!) and is a big believer in the importance of keeping jobs in America and carrying out the tradition of handcrafted excellence.

How Can I help?

I can help you be in control, even when circumstance is working against you. YOU can live in victory Christ promises regardless of what’s going on around them; when you do struggle (which we all still do), you’ll have a blueprint to return to Victory

Will Knecht – My Story

I’m the owner and Board chairman for Wendell August Forge, an almost 100 year old American manufacturer and purveyor of metal gifts and commemoratives. In 2008, we suffered so dramatically in the economic downturn we were almost forced to shut our doors.

Through great hardship and challenges, tough decisions and great employees, our company survived the downturn and then walked headlong into an even deeper challenge when, in March of 2010, our entire company burned to the ground.

“Will helped me see the world in a different way. His biblical framework taught me how to weather even the toughest business storms”

Why Work With Me?

The story of how our little company not only survived but prospered out of this double hit is the story of the Providential Hand of God, miraculous people I work with and the graciousness of our customers and friends in our region of the country.

The “behind the scenes” of how we as a company survived and thrived not only is inspirational but provides a Biblical framework for businessmen to thrive through adversity – both professional and personal. If you’re an event planner or podcast host, let’s find out if I’m a good fit for your organization!