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I’m a business owner, who’s experienced catastrophic setbacks. Not only did we survive these setbacks, we’ve thrived!. My story can give you a Biblical framework to thrive through adversity – both professionally and personally. 

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This victorious life is more than doing more for God. In fact, it’s not about doing at all…but about being…being More the Man God has called us to be.

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Why Will Knecht?

A highly sought-after speaker, coach, podcast guest, webinar teacher, and Facebook Live host, Will weaves together the fascinating, true story of the catastrophic fire that could have destroyed his business and his faith in God but instead became the catalyst for professional renewal and personal transformation.

Earnest and plainspoken, with a reliance on scripture, Will compels his listeners to look differently at setbacks and trials, seeing them instead as the gateways to breakthrough success. He keynotes events across America and coaches Christian businessmen across the country to live the victorious life Christ has won for us.

Will lives in Wilmington, NC and has three children, Jared, 26, Cameron, 20, and Claire, 16. He loves exercising, is very involved in his local church as a Sunday School teacher and leads a men’s Bible study.

About Will Knecht


As Chairman of a multimillion-dollar company, Will Knecht travels the country relating the lessons learned through his hands-on experience in the crucial day-to-day world of leading people. Through his genuine and passionate delivery style, Will weaves together the fascinating, true story about the fire that could have destroyed his business and its people, but instead became a catalyst for new thinking and new opportunities. Earnest and plainspoken, Will shares how setbacks and challenges can become the seeds of future success and greatness and how challenges can lead to surprising transformation.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“You have changed my life by changing the way I think. I’m forever indebted to you!”

Ray R. – Wilmington NC

“Will is a fantastic speaker and his story of teamwork, loyalty, craftsmanship and faith in the almighty is a classic and provides testimony that nice people can finish first. I remain a huge fan.” 

Stephen W.

Pittsburgh, PA

“I was so encouraged by your speech…knowing I’m not alone in my struggles and that there is a way to live in and through them and still experience peace and joy is exciting! Thank you for speaking to my heart.” 

James R.

Peoria, IL